• Vitiligo is caused by a combination of autoimmune, genetic and environmental factors.
  • Vitiligo is the loss of skin color following the destruction or loss of skin melanocytes which produce melanin (pigment).
  • The onset of vitiligo is often before age 20.
  • Depigmented (white) patches of skin may grow or remain constant in size. Spontaneous repigmentation may occur.
  • Vitiligo can have a significant effect on psychological well being, especially in skin of color, because the contrast between pigmented and depigmented areas can be drastic.

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Treatment For Vitiligo

  • Repigmentation therapies to remove the white patches include corticosteroids (topical and intralesional), calcineurin inhibitors, ultraviolet light, and skin “transplantation” procedures.
  • Light treatments such as narrowband ultraviolet-B light (NB-UVB) can also help.


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