On The Day Of Surgery

Your appointment will be scheduled in the early morning. The area around the skin cancer will be anesthetized. This will feel like a pinch but will not be painful because we use both refined micro-injectors and a local anesthetic solution that causes very little stinging.

The surgical procedure takes only 10-15 minutes. However, it takes a minimum of 60 minutes to prepare and microscopically examine the tissues. Several surgical stages and microscopic examinations may be required, and you will be asked to wait between stages. Although there is no way to tell before the surgery how many stages will be necessary, most cancers are removed in 3 stages or less.

We would like to make the time you spend with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You may want to bring reading material to occupy your time while waiting for the microscopic slides to be processed and examined.

The most difficult part of the procedure is waiting for the results of the surgery. Since we do not know in advance how much time is necessary to remove the cancer and repair the wound, we ask that you make no other commitments for the entire day that you are scheduled for surgery.


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