About Our Practice

Every visit, you will be evaluated, treated and cared for by a board certified dermatologist or our highly trained doctor of nursing practice. Our physicians have extensive academic and clinical training, have completed a 3 year residency in dermatology, and passed the exam given by the American Board of Dermatology to achieve their certification.

Medical Dermatology Specialists

As one of the largest and only outward-facing organ of the human body, the skin is susceptible to all manner of bumps, diseases, discolorations, growths, and damage. Our Board Certified doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants can help you with the general care and upkeep of your skin.
We diagnose skin cancers and provide highly effective surgical and non-surgical treatments to remove cancerous growths. Using advanced techniques, we take care to minimize the risk of recurrence and leave as little scarring as possible.

Meet Our Providers

Our providers continue to maintain the highest levels of accreditation and progressive ongoing education to learn and understand the latest developments in medical dermatology. Each provider's education and bio can be viewed below.

Scott Taylor, PA-C

Scott Taylor has been working in dermatology since 2011 with a special focus on surgical and general dermatology. He is particularly passionate about patient counseling in a wide variety of dermatological conditions from...

Sheena Nguyen, DO

Dr. Nguyen is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a Board Certified, Fellowship-trained Pediatric Dermatologist. She was born and raised...